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OwlCat: The Cat Hoo Thought He Was an Owl

This is the charming story of OwlCat - the cat who thinks he is an owl. OwlCat is an orphan cat who has been raised by owls and ventures out to find his long-lost sister. Along the way he meets many interesting animals on this amazing journey of self-discovery.

OwlCat must first cross the dangerous Catskill Mountains in New York State. The excitement of finding his sister helps him overcome his fear.

In this Children's Book, we learn important lessons like the balance of nature, compassion, living in harmony with others and learning to cope after a tragedy.

Lulu Click here to purchase the narrated version of OwlCat! The animals come to life in this talking Ebook. It is also illustrated with the same vibrant hand-painted water colours that are found in the book!

World Peace logo available for purchase from author. Click here to inquire. Gallery



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